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cf Aurora

CF Aurora (Lace) and Will


cf Aurora
Bask El Pasha + c I Am Plush 

Region 9 Top 5 Western Pleasure Jr. Horse

CF Aurora to all her friends and loved one's affectionatly known as "Lace". This wonderful mare was lost to us all to founder following a lightening strike.

She was a wonderful horse who was a teacher for small children, adults and whoever needed to ride. She was used in therapy classes. She was a safe trail horse and was always willing.

CF Aurora (Lace) and WillLace was Cowboy Will's most favorite horse ever. She taught him how to care for her and rode him to his Alabama Arabian Horse High Point award. He rode her from the age of 3 til last year at his age of 6. He rode her all over the farm with a snaffle and mini horse western saddle. They were a joy to behold. When he got off every ride he would grab her around her front leg, hug it and say, "I wuv you, Wace". She kept her nose on him whenever he was within reach. They were bonded.

Will allowed me to take Lace to Region 12 and I was proud to get a neck garland on her. A wise friend told me, "You never get over the loss, it just becomes more tolerable".

She is truly, sorely, missed. We all love you Lacey.


Monrovia X
  ~ Monrovia X, ridden by Russ Vento


Monrovia X
Barbary+++ + Mi Kauai 

This exceptional performance horse with a beauty to match, has taken more championships than any other Arabian mare.


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